Connecticut-based clean energy company Skyre, is developing a system that concentrates oxygen from air to supply medical-grade oxygen to meet the needs of coronavirus patients.

SKYRE’s solid-state oxygen concentrator will serve as a low-cost, efficient, and portable oxygen generation system for use in hospitals and also home applications where patients have respiratory conditions.

The system stems from a previous partnership with NASA, when it was built to make pure oxygen from spacecraft cabin air with the intended use for medical traumas on decade-long space missions.

“We’ve spoken with doctors, nurses and hospital facility managers about their current need for oxygen supply given the sharp influx of coronavirus patients,” said Dr. Trent Molter, CEO of Skyre.

“Many patients require oxygen and those that have a severely stricken must be put on ventilators. Oxygen is currently being supplied from bottles or from oxygen pipe to hospital rooms.”

“With patients now being treated in the hallways, in tent facilities and those with compromised lung function being discharged, the need for alternate oxygen supply has never been greater.”

The OCM is a small, solid-state system that administers oxygen to meet the respiratory needs of patients and can plug in to an ordinary electrical outlet. Due of its solid state, the unit is able to offer higher reliability than outdated pressure swing adsorption models.