The Swagelok Foundation is donating $100,000 to help sustain direct-service non-profit organisations who are facing sudden increase and economic medical needs during the coronavirus outbreak.

The financial donation will be distributed among six local non-profit organisations which have designed programmes in place to support the area’s most vulnerable citizens during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cleveland Foundation: COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund, Greater Cleveland Foodbank, Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland, American Red Cross – Northeast Ohio, May Dugan Center, and United Way of Lake Country are organisations that will receive the funding.

“COVID-19 is undoubtedly the largest global crisis we have faced in our generation, and we don’t yet know what the full ripple effects of this pandemic will be,” said Chris Miklich, CEO of Swagelok Company and President of the Swagelok Foundation.

“While local and state leadership mandate the necessary policies to keep our communities stable and safe, the members of the Swagelok Foundation believe it is important to support our non-profit peers, who are providing essential services to those affected by the coronavirus.”

The Swagelok Foundation was established as a charitable organisation in 2000 and is dedicated to supporting the communities in which Swagelok associates live and work.