Manufacturer of on-site gas generators and gas purifiers Sysadvance has developed a new intensive care unit ventilator in collaboration with a specialist team from the Portuguese Medical Association.

The SYSVent, that will assist those suffering from the coronavirus, will soon undergo clinical trials in order to gain certification from the European Medical Devices Directive. 

Development of the ventilator began after a call for help from the Ordem dos Médicos (Portuguese Medical Association) as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Medical Association has always advocated that quality medicine depends heavily on research and the connection to science, so we understand that this work done by our specialists is a natural alliance,” said Miguel Guimarães, President of the Medical Association.

“In this pandemic period, especially challenging, this was just another way to positively contribute to the improvement of the working conditions of our health professionals and above all, to save the lives of our patients.”

Sysadvance’s on-site medical oxygen generation systems are certified by SGS Belgium in accordance with ISO 13485 – Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices. Sysadvance currently stands as the only Portuguese company with that level of certification.

“Sysadvance could not fail, at such a critical time for Portugal, to accede the request of Medical Association and AEP, placing its research and development team at the service of the project,” said Dr. José Machado, CEO of Sysadvance. 

“After meeting the needs of healthcare organizations in Portugal, Sysadvance hopes to use its international distribution network to promote the sale of the ventilator in the international markets where it operates, having already received requests from Spain, Canada, Middle East, Brazil and Africa.”


Source: Sysadvance