WireTough Cylinders, a Virginia-based cylinder manufacturer, has said that it is still open and producing its Type II-s cylinders during the coronavirus outbreak.

The company has said that it is taking every precaution possible to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus amongst its employees, families, clients, and communities.

“Gloves are worn throughout the reinforcing process. Each cylinder is wiped down with a disinfectant before being palletised for shipping,” the company said on a recent social post.

“We suggest that the cylinders be wiped down again with a disinfectant as a precautionary measure after you have received them due to being handled by the shippers.”

WireTough has said that it has deep stock in 150L and 200L ANZI/NGV2 cylinders and 200L ASME ground storage cylinders.

The company also has a list of clearance cylinders that are in limited supply.