Air Products’ Materials Technologies segment will introduce its new ROVISOME® NG cosmetic actives at the 2015 New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Suppliers Day in New Jersey from May 12-13.

ROVISOME NG products are Materials Technologies’ newest offering to the personal care arena. This new line of products offers formulators the high performing profile they expect from ROVISOME materials, but has a more label-friendly alternative for ingredient-conscious consumers.

The new ROVISOME NG technology enables the delivery of active ingredients into deeper layers of the skin, driving greater levels of active ingredient performance in a similar way as established ROVISOME cosmetic actives.

The main difference lies in the composition of ROVISOME NG products—by avoiding solvents like ethanol and glycol, these materials are more amenable for use in some consumer products.

At the NYSCC Suppliers Day, Air Products will launch four new ingredients that utilize the ROVISOME NG technology:

  • • ROVISOME® AHA (Sodium Lactate) NG cosmetic active, for a skin-renewing appearance through enhanced moisturization;
  • • ROVISOME® Defense NG cosmetic active, for skin soothing protection from environmental aggressors;
  • • ROVISOME® HA NG cosmetic actives, for increased skin moisture that can help improve the appearance of wrinkles; and
  • • ROVISOME® Q10 NG cosmetic actives, for deep skin protection from free radicals.

These new ROVISOME NG cosmetic actives have been shown to provide demonstrable performance while possessing a more label-friendly composition.

ROVISOME NG cosmetic actives are part of the Air Products Materials Technologies segment’s growing set of personal care-focused technologies that have positioned the company as a specialist in delivery systems technology for cosmetic applications. Its proprietary technology platforms can target skin sites that range from the skin surface to within skin cells. Leveraging these technologies, the business offers over 80 active and functional commercial ingredients, including those under the ROVISOME®, Cellular Actives™, Intelimer®, and Deposilk® brands. These technologies are also employed in customer-specific solutions.