Vancouver-based Coulson Ice Blast has released its next generation of dry ice cleaning technology, the IceStorm 45.

The IceStorm 45 is smaller, lighter and uses significantly less compressed air, accompanied with the same performance and dual ice capability as previously Coulson Ice Blast products.

“Our goal is to continually evolve and improve our technology to meet the growing needs of the companies and communities we serve,” said Foster Coulson, Co-Founder of Coulson Ice Blast.

“With the launch of IceStorm45, we’ve made industrial cleaning that much easier and effective – which is ultimately what our clients want.”


Source: Coulson Ice Blast

The new design is 70% lighter in weight, making the product much more portable. The dual ice option, which originally featured on the IceStom90+, is now a core feature, diversifying the range of applications.

The IceStorm45 has new newly designed gun and nozzle, making it a more effective machine for either a soft or an aggressive wash.