Hummingbird Sensing Technology has developed a new sensor in record time to meet the demands of medical manufacturers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To meet the increased demand for ventilators, Hummingbird has developed a variant of the Paracube sensor, the Mercury, designed and approved to work in certain ventilators with the same features and benefits as the original Paracube.

Exceptional commitment, knowledge and expertise from the engineers meant that the sensor took only 14 weeks from concept, through validation, to manufacture and delivery.

This unique sensor design has allowed Hummingbird to double the production rate of the original Paracube sensor.

A leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator has already purchased around 8,000 Mercury sensors for use in its ventilators globally, with orders running into Q1 2021.

“It is an outstanding feat to develop a new sensor this fast from conception to delivery, and something I don’t believe has been achieved by any other manufacturer in the industry,” said Martin Cox, Hummingbird Marketing Director.

“The Mercury is a sensor that performs very well in medical devices, and in this current pandemic, we are seeing increased interest in all our products to meet unprecedented requirements.”