CRIOMEC SA has been present in the Romanian market since 1994, offering an array of high quality services in the field of cryogenics, refrigeration, thermal, electrical installations and automatics.

As a result, the company has accreditations and acknowledgements in quality management and assurance, issued by respected European bodies.

Nowadays, CRIOMEC SA boasts an employee base of over 250 working across the company’s many departments, including Design of Industrial Installations, Design of Electrical Installations, Repair & Assembly of Industrial Installations, Dynamic Equipments Maintenance, Cryogenic Equipment Maintenance, Repair & Assembly of Electrical Installations and Instrumentation.

Areas of expertise
CRIOMEC SA stands out in the Romanian industrial market as the only company in the country with sustained activity in the field of industrial cryogenics.

Currently, the company is active in the industry of technical gases, implementing a number of industrial investments, such as air separation units (ASU).

The main services offered to clients are the design and turnkey delivery of ASU, design and assembly of technical gas networks (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, argon, acetylene), repair and assembly of a wide range of turbo compressors, turbo expanders, membrane compressors, piston compressors, gear boxes, cryogenic pumps, repair of cryogenic liquid tanks, and the design and assembly of vacuum insulated pipes for cryogenic fluids.

Using only its own employees, CRIOMEC SA ensures turnkey delivery in all services offered to clients, with Project Management, Erection and Commissioning Services part of its daily activities.

Long-term partnerships
The company’s high quality and experience in the field of cryogenics and technological installations is reinforced by the fact that internationally renowned companies in the industry of technical gases have chosen CRIOMEC SA as a national supplier of technical services.

Long-term partnerships for technical services have been signed with Linde Gas Romania, Messer Romania Gaz, Air Liquide Romania, and SIAD Romania, for example.

Partnerships with such companies in the technical gases industry, ensures CRIOMEC SA is the most important Romanian supplier of cryogenic technical services. In fact, since the birth of the company, CRIOMEC SA has been there for all of its partners, in carrying out major investments in the Romanian technical gas industry.

Present day
As part of a partnership between Linde and ArcelorMittal, a new ASU is under construction to supply technical gases to the metallurgical activities of ArcelorMittal.

Linde Engineering has chosen CRIOMEC SA as one of the main contractors for mechanical erection of the plant, a contract CRIOMEC is ‘proud’ to take part in, in order to complete one of the biggest investments of Linde in this region.

CRIOMEC explains, “The partnerships and the projects in which we have been involved in the last 16 years qualify us as one of the biggest and most important piping companies from Romania.”

Looking to the future
For the years to come, CRIOMEC SA aims at consolidating its position as a high quality piping and dynamic equipment maintenance company, while support for its clients remains the top priority of the company’s management.

CRIOMEC SA intends to extend its specific services abroad in order to be able to support its clients in their efforts for regional development. “We believe in offering our full support for our clients, so that they face minimal risks in their strategic decisions of expanding in the European area,” the company notes.

“For the future,” CRIOMEC closes, “we are determined to at least maintain the same rhythm in order for our clients to receive best quality services.”

Branching out
As part of its future plans and growth aspirations, CRIOMEC SA is targeting an industry intrinsically linked with the industrial gas business, that of petrochemicals.

Citing its experience in piping as a reason why the petrochemicals market would be a good fit, the company explained, “Another area of interest in the coming years is to access the petrochemical industry, by establishing working collaborations with the main companies in this area of business.”

“We feel that our experience in piping will make us an important player in this particular field of activity.”