Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd, a specialist gas detection equipment manufacturer, has extended its range of next-generation fixed-point gas detectors adding further detection capacities.

The upgraded XgardIQ can now be fitted with sensors to detect both ammonia (NH3) and sulphur dioxide (SO2), meaning the sensor now covers 12 different toxic or hazardous gases.

Xgard iq pole mountedhi crowcon

The full range of gases that the sensor can now detect is: NH3, carbon monoxide (CO), ethanol (C2H6O), hydrogen (H2), hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), methane (CH4), oxygen, pentane (C5H12), propane (C3H8) and sulphur dioxide (SO2).

Additionally, the XgardIQ can now be fitted with a dummy sensor which is replaced immediately with a fresh pre-calibrated sensor prior to the commissioning date. It further minimises commissioning and maintenance time by automatically configuring to the correct type of gas, scale and alarm levels.

Its sensors can also be removed temporarily for calibration in a safe area, as opposed to carrying compressed gas cylinders for on-site testing. The XgardIQ also integrates Crowcon’s unique ‘Positive Safety’ feature, which confirms that the detector is operating safely automatically alerts operators to any irregular events.

Easy integration

It also contains a comprehensive set of output interfaces for easy integration into a wide variety of control systems.

Andy Avenell, Senior Business Development Manager at Crowcon, outlined, “The positive feedback we received on the XgardIQ system from customers in the oil and gas industry was critical in our decision to extend the range of gas sensors to enable other industries to benefit from XgardIQ’s innovative safety features.”

The UK-based company plans on introducing more sensors throughout 2016.


Crowcon specialises in developing, manufacturing and marketing flammable and toxic gas detection equipment. The company was formed in 1970 and is based in Oxfordshire, UK. It has branch offices in the US Holland, Singapore, India, the Middle East and China, and its products are sold throughout the world serving oil, gas and petrochemical companies, amongst others.