Gas detection manufacturer Crowcon has launched a new gas safety and compliance cloud data solution, to provide customers with gas detector data in an accessible form.

Crowcon Connect automatically uploads and syncs vital gas detector data and presents it in a versatile, easy-to-read dashboard that delivers business impact.

The solution captures data and user association across and Crowcon devices, regardless of location and single/multiple user profiles.

Crowcon Connect alerts users when action is required, for example when near-miss events occur, and when calibration and bump testing are due.

The newly developed solution also allows users to track devices by both location and performance and provide a host of actionable insights.

Wherever their location, gas detector users can upload data to Crowcon Connect either via on-site docking stations or off site, using that app. There is no limit to the number of users and locations.

Due to it being an inhouse solution, Crowcon can engineer and tailor Crowcon Connect to specific workflows or processes and can even provide bespoke functionality.