The daily load-shedding, coupled with unavailability of diesel in the Nepal is believed to be taking its toll on the health sector in the country, as hospitals operating in the valley are facing a severe dearth of oxygen as a result.

Shanker Agrawal, owns an oxygen manufacturing plant and his company supplies around 500 oxygen cylinders to hospitals in the valley every day. According to an independent estimate, hospitals and health institutions inside the valley use up approximately 650 oxygen gas cylinders each day, yet Agrawal notes that the manufacturing plant barely managed to provide 200 oxygen cylinders on one occasion recently and warns that if the government doesn’t address the issue, his company won’t be able supply oxygen to the valley’s hospitals in the near future.

“We are facing difficulty in supplying the required amount of oxygen to the valley hospitals due to unavailability of diesel. On one hand, there are regular power cuts and on the other hand there is not even enough diesel to operate generators to manufacture oxygen,” he said.

The company requires 400 litres of diesel every day for the manufacture of 500 cylinders of oxygen.