An example of sustainable shipping, Europe’s first inland dual fuel barge the Argonon, reached completion earlier this month with the installation of the final device, a Cryogenic tank.

The cryogenic tank is stored prominently in the loading zone of the vessel. It stores LNG at -162 C, the LNG evaporates from the tank into natural gases which may then flow to the main engines and mini turbines.

The Argonon will run on Dual Fuel, a mixture of 80% natural gas and 20% diesel, resulting in significantly reduced emissions of CO2 and NOX. This not only benefits the environment, but it also reduced operational costs.

According to Argonon Shipping, B.V. the final installation defines the vessel as significantly different from other inland tank barges.

The Argonon project received sponsorship from the European Regional Development Fund. Meanwhile, a quartet of companies combined resources to realise the concept, these included; Pon Power, Cryonorm Projects, Shipyard Trico and CBRB.