Cryofin Pty Ltd has formally patented its cryoTHORTM cryogenic vaporiser after suggesting that the instrument is the most significant innovation in the sector in the past 50 years.

Following a strategic decision to invest in research and development (R&D), the Australia-based business asserts that the now-patented design simplifies the vaporising process by using less materials and a smaller volume of aluminium, leading to a reduced capital cost of more than 45% compared to traditional systems.

Key features include longer duty cycles, improved thawing times and a reduced footprint, with the company claiming the cryoTHOR will “revolutionise” the cryogenic vaporiser market.

Managing Director Graham Ball designed the device and enthused, “The results were so good we had to patent it! I know this industry and cryoTHOR has the potential to open doors, open new markets, broaden existing portfolios and, above all, be very profitable.”

Cryofin, headquartered in the Australian state of Victoria, holds 25 years of design experience in the cryogenic and industrial gases sectors and has manufactured and installed over 3,500 cryogenic ambient, high pressure, electric, shell and tube and steam bath vaporisers all over the world.