$quot;Operational efficiency has, without doubt, been the key to our successful entry into the Southern African industrial scene,” explains Cryogas Express Managing Director, Graham Hunter.

“The resources available to us from our parent company Triton Express in terms of training, management systems and fleet maintenance are invaluable – and our performance statistics are consistently better than the levels achieved by in-house distribution fleets.”

Cryogas Express (Pty) Ltd is filling the critical supply service gap in Southern Africa, committed to point-to-point delivery of liquid argon, liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen in a region often characterised by interruptions to its cryogenic gas supply.

Based in Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa, Cryogas Express is a joint venture company that merges the resources and more than 22 years of rapid transport expertise of Triton Express (Pty) Ltd with over 25 years of gas industry and supply chain experience of Managing Director, Hunter.

As explained by Hunter, that combination of experience and ‘operational efficiency’ is seen as fundamental to the young company’s successful arrival on the Southern African gases scene. Moreover, a commitment to further investment and continuous gas supply will see Cryogas express its ambition even further still.

Expanded capacity
The company has announced, to gasworld, the imminent delivery of two additional tankers that will extend the range of its product distribution capacity to include carbon dioxide (CO2).

Two high-pressure stainless steel tankers that are nearing completion by local cryogenic specialist Rand Air and Gas, incorporate the very latest design features for both safety and optimal load capacity.

Bottlers and canners of carbonated beverages have been sensitised in recent years to the fact that the supply chain for CO2 is often under strain during the summer season. Economically viable sources of CO2 are often by-product gas streams in industries located remote from the urban demand centres, where the beverage plants are located.

Now however, this investment by Cryogas Express will add much needed flexibility to the supply logistics for CO2 in the future.

Although specifically designed for CO2 service, the new tankers can also carry liquid nitrogen and argon – thus augmenting Cryogas’ existing capacity to move these vital industrial gases.

Sub-Saharan supply
In addition to its reliable, fast, point-to-point delivery service within the industrial zones of South African industries, Cryogas Express is prepared to serve destinations almost anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa.

Reliable and continuous supplies of argon and CO2 are notoriously difficult to obtain in many African countries and customers ‘really appreciate’ the minimal losses achieved by the superior vacuum and insulation of these highly efficient, new-generation cryogen tankers, Hunter tells us.

The specialised transportation services offered by Cryogas Express exclude the trading or supply of industrial gases and are tailored to the needs of several customer groups. These include industrial gas manufacturers during periods of peak demand, operators of captive air separation plants (ASUs) needing to transport liquid gas between remotely located plants, and those manufacturing industries requiring deliveries of industrial gas in excess of their contracted supply volume or during a force majeure situation.

Customer groups also include those customers operating in South Africa’s neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya, and a wide range of distributors and re-sellers of industrial gases.

Whereas businesses in Southern Africa might once have been experiencing interruptions to gas supply or flow of production, with Cryogas Express operating from its base in South Africa, point-to-point delivery solutions are now readily available across Sub-Saharan Africa.