The eighth Cryogen-Expo specialised international exhibition, held in Moscow, Russia, in November, was a great success.

The event was held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow from 10th to 12th November 2009.

Organised by the exhibition company Mir-Expo, the event was also held in association with industrial leaders, including the International Institute of Refrigeration, the International Academy of Refrigeration, and the Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers (UA-SIGMA).

The event grew by 10% compared to 2008, with 1800 square metres of ground covered, and 78 exponents from Russia, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, France, USA, Norway, China, UK, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belarus, New Zealand, South Korea, Turkey, and Switzerland.

More than a half of all exhibitors were international companies. Among them were such global companies as Linde AG, Kriogenmash, Air Liquide, Chart Ferox A.S., Rare Gases, VRV Group, Geliymash, SIAD, Kislorodmash, Vanzetti Engineering, Hydrogen Technologies, WITT-Gasetechnik, Ural Compressor Plant, Lydall and Cryostar.

Traditionally, Cryogen-Expo is a ground for meeting and experience exchange for any specialists working in a cryogenic sphere.

The leading Russian and foreign companies presented their latest designs of cryogenic technology, air separation equipment, cryostats, balloons, tanks for transportation liquefied natural gas and other gas equipment, special devices to produce carbon dioxide, technologies for hydrogen transportation, valve systems, cryovacuums, and measuring equipment.

The special workshop, ‘Industrial Gases’, was organised within the frame of the exhibition this year. Visitors were able to receive information about manufacturing, new technologies, the transportation of gases over long distances, and methods for liquefying and utilising gases in industry.

On 11th November the sixth International Scientifically-Practical Conference, 'Cryogenic Technologies and Equipment; Prospective and Developments', was held.

After each lecture was a question and answer session, and delegates had the opportunity of asking further questions after at the speakers’ booths.

The Scientifically-Practical International Seminar, entitled ‘Experience of BMSTU for Training Personnel in the Field of Cryogenics’, was held on November 12th for the first time.

Interest in the seminars and conference increased significantly compared to the previous year, with attendance reaching more than 150.

Scientific reports and lectures were given on essential themes, including ozone technology, achievements in gas separation, neon and helium utilisation, and energy saving technology applications for cryogenic air separation.

Over the three days the exhibition was attended by more than 1000 specialists.

The Management has received lots of positive feedback from delegates, with almost all of them showing interest in this year’s event, which will be held on November 9-11th 2010 at the Pavilion 5 in the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

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