29th October - 31st October 2019, Moscow, Russia

Exhibition of cryogenic equipment, technology and industrial gases. At the exhibition visitors will be presented: Cryogenics, cryogenic equipment, cryogenic plants, cryogenic vessels, cryogenic equipment, cryogenic tanks, cryogenic systems, cryogenic pumps, cryogenic chambers, cryogenic pipelines, and cryogenic tanks. Visitors can find out where they are applied and used cryogenic technology, cryogenic cooling, cryogenic freezing, cryogenic liquid such as flow cryogenic processes will determine the level of development of cryogenic engineering in Russia, China, USA and Europe to date, learn about, how the cryogenic treatment. Also, thanks to a special shop Industrial Gases in the exhibition, visitors can learn what the technical gases, to study the characteristics of industrial gases, which companies producing and selling industrial gases, will become familiar with various methods involved in the transport of industrial gases, as well as see in Action liquefaction technology. Manufacturing companies will present at the exhibition such as gases: acetylene, ethylene, oxygen, propane, butane, isobutane, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, propylene, octane, and helium. The exhibition will be attended by the manufacturing companies who will present: gas cylinders, oxygen plants, gasification, liquefaction installation, technology, transportation of liquefied gas and more.