It has been announced that JSC Uralskaya Stal has concluded a contract with Cryogenmash, the Russian industrial gases company, for the construction of a cryogenic air separation plant which will produce 1000 tpd of gaseous oxygen and 6,700kg per hour of liquid products such as nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

Within the framework of this agreement, the modern КдАр-30 plant will also produce a neon-helium mixture, krypton and a xenon concentrate is due to be developed too.

For the storage and transportation of air separation products, a storage system and the necessary product pipelines are under construction, while technical gases will be used in open-hearth, arc-furnace and coke-chemical shops of the integrated works.

Sergey Shishkovets, the managing director of JSC Uralskaya Stal, commented, “Now at the integrated works a large-scale modernization of arc-furnace and plate rolling productions takes place. Our final goal is to increase an output of smelted steel from 3,600 thousand tpy up to 4,500 thousand tpy. The necessity of modernization of the oxygen compressor shop is dictated first of all by the increased demand of products produced by this shop.”

Construction of the new air separation plant will allow for an increase in oxygen output of around 40%. Besides equipment designing and manufacturing, Cryogenmash will perform design, civil & erection works and commissioning, also conducting personnel training.

“We have set ourselves the strategic aim - to convert the machine building enterprise into the leading engineering company. Except for output of machine-building production Cryogenmash executes design, civil and erection works, conducts research, and delivers technical gases. This strategy bears fruits: up to 80 % of the agreements concluded recently by Cryogenmash mean that we perform operations on a turn-key basis and this is hailed by our customers,” explained Dmitry Ermolov, general director of Cryogenmash.