Technex Limited Ukraine (SPD Voronin), the manufacturer of cryogenic tank semi-trailers for transporting liquid gases and liquid natural gas (LNG), has successfully completed the delivery of a cryogenic tank semi-trailer to Iceblick.

The cryogenic semi-trailer is capable of carrying a capacity of 20.250kg of liquid nitrogen and has been delivered to fellow Eastern European gases company Iceblick, a manufacturer and supplier of rare and industrial gases itself.

gasworld understands that Iceblick requested the semi-trailer feature a working pressure of 8 bar, that allows the refuelling of cryogenic liquids without the application and additional investment of a cryogenic pump - something Technex was more than capable of providing.

Furthermore, the design of the semi-trailer ensures that a place for installation of a cryogenic pump, from Cryostar or Fives Cryomec for example, is provided.

If necessary, the immediate installation of a cryogenic pump is possible at any moment by either Technex Limited Ukraine, the pump manufacturer, or the customer itself.

Successfully certified
The cryogenic road tanker from Technex has successfully passed certification of test laboratories certified according to the Geneva Convention, notably PIMOT - Automotive Industry Institute (Poland), Krafthafrt-Bundesamt (Germany), and TUV-SUD Automotive GmbH(Germany).

Technex's road tankers also meet to the 'Rules for the Construction and Safe Operation of vessels working under pressure$quot; of the Federal mountain and industrial supervision of Russia and of the State committee of Ukraine on industrial safety, labour safeties and mountain supervision.

Such certification is confirmed by registration of the passport of a vessel, while tankers also conform to the European agreement on the international road transportation of dangerous cargoes (ADR) - allowing for the free access of Technex road tankers on the roads of the CIS and the European Union.

The manufacture of Technex's cryogenic semi-trailers has greatly advanced in recent years, as the company produces technically accomplished road tankers and proudly demonstrated its innovations in this field at an international presentation in 2008.

Attended by such renowned gas companies as Air Liquide, Messer, and The Linde Group, the presentation allowed Technex to showcase its technology offering and a further international presentation is planned by the company, for October this year.