New high-capacity cryogenic railcars are to be used to distribute liquid argon.

In an agreement between Chart Industries and Air Products and Chemicals (ACPI), high-capacity railcars will allow ACPI to increase payloads by up to 25 per cent over existing levels, at the same time as reducing losses into the atmosphere by around 15 per cent.

Albert Brandstetter, atmospheric product manager, ACPI, said: \\$quot;The superior payload and thermal performance of Chart's railcars significantly improves the economics of moving argon from where it is produced in large quantities to where it is consumed.

\\$quot;The elimination of losses from railcar distribution of liquid argon is a significant accomplishment and makes these new cars a very attractive addition to our distribution fleet.\\$quot;

This is the second argon tank car purchase APCI has made from Chart in the last few years.

The order will be delivered over the next 18 months – neither the quantity nor the value have been disclosed.

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