Increasing environmental issues are influencing gradual change and improvement across many industries and applications, with the mobile refrigeration business no different and currently the subject of technology advancements.

Mobile refrigeration unit manufacturers are working to ensure environmentally friendly standards are met and anticipate long-term solutions that prove more effective.

Thermo King, a unit of the Ingersoll Rand Company Limited and specialising in transport temperature control systems, offers new system innovations using industrial gases, as its cryogenic technology offers an alternative to diesel-powered transport refrigeration. Cryogenic units run on liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), eliminating the use of CFC or HFC refrigerants and serving as a more effective solution for a variety of advantages.

With the elimination of diesel, the cryogenic systems also get rid of nitrogen oxide (NOX) and other diesel emissions completely, while cryogenic CO2 has the capability of rapid refrigeration and superior temperature control. Cryogenic units require very low maintenance operations and low noise too, as well as conforming to worldwide government regulations and mandates.

Jerry Duppler, trailer product manager for Thermo King, indicated that research and development work is currently in progress at the company, to produce an expanded line of cryogenic refrigeration units in the future.