Founded a decade ago in September 1999, Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives (CVA) has recently been commemorating its 10th anniversary.

September 24th, to be precise, marked the 10th anniversary of the founding of CVA by entrepreneurs Chris Carr, Dean Corbin, Hector Villarreal, and Jim O’Neil.

With modest beginnings as a cryogenic repair facility in La Porte, Texas (US), CVA has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cryogenic transportation equipment - with facilities in Canada, China, and Turkey.

CVA’s world headquarters and primary manufacturing plant are conveniently located in Mont Belvieu, Texas, 30-minutes east of downtown Houston.

The company has certainly come a long way in just a short time in the gases business, manufacturing cryogenic transport trailers, truck mounted tank systems, ISO/IMO containers, and skid-mounted and off-shore units.

Recent years have also seen Jim O’Neil retire in 2006 and sell his interest in CVA to founding partners Chris Carr, Hector Villarreal, and Dean Corbin, whom have continued to grow the company and diversify product offerings.

The company now also manufactures cryogenic bulk storage tanks, non-cryogenic carbon-dioxide (CO2) delivery trucks for restaurant beverage carbonation, CO2 transport and on-site storage trailers, and such oil fields equipment as high-pressure nitrogen pumpers and fluid pumpers. Yet CVA hasn’t forgotten its roots either and still offers repair services, with the added convenience of an on-the-road, self contained repair option.