Cryogenmash has concluded an agreement for the supply of an oxygen plant and equipment for the Oskol Electro-metallurgical industrial complex, having apparently beaten a number of Western companies to the deal.

To meet the growing demands for industrial gases, the enterprise chose the unit КдА-15/15 produced by Cryogenmash, which allows for the production of around 15,000 m3/h of oxygen and nitrogen, 1000kg per hour of liquid oxygen and nitrogen, and up to 900kg per hour of liquid argon.

The Oskol Electro-metallurgical industrial complex is revamping its metallisation units with the application of oxygen injection and also carrying out modernisation of the electro steel-melting workshops. As a result, the industrial complex needs reliable and efficient equipment to meet this growing demand for industrial gases.

“Metallurgy is an important market for Cryogenmash. The cost of similar ASU with the complex of cryogenic products storage is not less than 1 million roubles, every project like this needs high degree of scientific, design and industrial potential,” said General Director of Cryogenmash, Dmitry Ermolov.

“ASU equipment produced by Cryogenmash is used by almost all the metallurgical plants in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.”

As well as supplying the ASU, Cryogenmash will install other equipment such as liquid air separation products storage with a total volume of more than 770m3, a gasification system, recipient group and oxygen separation station.