Grodno Azot has signed a significant contract with Russia’s Cryogenmash to construct three large air separation plants as part of its ongoing uprgrade and investment plans, according to reports from the marketing department of the Russian company.

Grodno has been implementing an investment project aimed at upgrading the air separation plans in the methanol shop and while a number of world leading producers of air separation equipment were believed to have taken part in the tender, Grodno Azot signed a contract with the eventual winner – Cryogenmash.

The contract includes the construction of three cryogenic plants of an aggregate capacity of 30,000 cubic metres of oxygen per hour and 22.5,000 cubic metres of nitrogen per hour.

Grodno Azot is currently implementing around 10 large investment projects and these include the upgrade of the ammonia, carbamide, caprolactam and other facilities. In 2007, the company increased capital investments 3.5 times over 2006 to Br173 billion.

The company is part of the Belneftekhim concern and a major producer of caprolactam and mineral fertilisers, producing products such as nitrogen fertilisers, liquid nitrogen fertilisers, and ammonia sulphate. Grodno Azot also produces liquid technical-grade ammonia, nitrogen and sulphur acids, consumer goods, and employs around seven thousand professionals across its network of production and sales facilities.

Cryogenmash is the largest company in Russia engaged in production of air separation technologies and equipment, supply of technical gases and development of comprehensive decisions on processing a casing-head gas, natural gas and LNG. In 2007, the share of projects for the petrochemical industry was equivalent to around 30% of the company’s order portfolio.