JSC Grodno Azot of the Republic of Belarus has concluded an agreement with JSC Cryogenmash for the construction of three large air separation plants (ASP) at the company’s Belarus petrochemical plant, according to the Russian industrial gas company.

Within the framework of the realisable investment programme for revamping the air separation plants in the shop of methanol production, Grodno Azot has concluded the agreement with Cryogenmash for the construction of three cryogenic КдА-10/7,5 air separation plants - with total capacity of 1000 tpd of oxygen and 660 tpd of nitrogen.

In addition to the equipment manufacture, Cryogenmash will execute the supervision of erection and carry out the designer’s supervision.

Dmitry Ermolov, General Director of Cryogenmash, commented positively, “Cryogenmash has wide experience in operation with the enterprises of petrochemical complex that allows us to offer to consumers the new engineering designs, the distinguishing feature of which is the large degree of factory readiness, reliable and economic in operation. The air separation equipment of Cryogenmash produce is well-established in the market, and the striking evidence of that is the essential growth of the number of orders and a high share of export deliveries.”

The equipment of Cryogenmash was chosen as a result of a tender in which leading worldwide producers of air separation equipment participated, representing not only the company’s growing reputation, but also its increasing entry into the petrochemical market.

Nikolay Shein, Director of Department of Petrochemical Enterprises for Cryogenmash, explains, “Alongside natural gas, oxygen is the initial feedstock for production of methanol - one of the most important large-capacity products of chemical industry, therefore the ‘nitrogen group’ enterprises are our regular customers. The agreement with JSC Grodno Azot has been the fourth one recently, along with the projects for JSC KuibishevAzot, Kemerovo JSC Azot and Severodonetsk Association Azot.”

“The share of projects for petrochemical enterprises in the stock of orders of Cryogenmash for 2007 has reached almost 30 % and its growth is in progress,” said Shein.

JSC Grodno Azot is a modern, highly automated petrochemical complex enterprise in Belarus and part of the country’s state concern on petroleum and chemistry.