The first Russian Air Separation Plant with internal compression of products КдАд-15/12 constructed by Cryogenmash has been put into operation.

The ASP КдАд-15/12 is a new type of air separation plant. A distinguishing feature of this plant, as compared to traditional plants, is the absence in the equipment of the product (oxygen and nitrogen) compressors. The use of the process diagram with simultaneous internal compression of gaseous oxygen (2.5 МPа) and nitrogen (1.0 МPа) allows considerable increase to the safety of the plant, to reduce the operating costs and to enhance the overall reliability of the air separation complex.

Cryogenmash is the first in Russia to design, manufacture and install the air separation plant featuring such design. The designing of the plant has been performed for the first time with use of most contemporary certified sophisticated techniques CAD/CAM/CAE.

The new generation of the air separation plants based on КдАд-15/12 is being developed which will be applied at the metallurgical factories in Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia, and the first plant supplies the Novokuznetsk integrated iron-and-steel works with oxygen and nitrogen.