Cryogenmash has delivered a high specification helium cooling system for the Institute for High-Energy Physics in Protvino, Russia.
Cryogenmash has both designed and manufactured the project for the piping system that cools the superconducting resonators required for high-level scientific experiments.

The unique piping system transports superfluid helium at temperature of 1.8 К, and is based on a pipeline with screen-and-vacuum insulation and a soft nitrogen shield.

The helium pipe itself will be used for cooling superconducting resonators from room temperature to one suitable for operating, and is arranged in a common vacuum jacket.

Specialists of Cryogenmash have monitored the construction closely down to the designer's supervision of equipment mounting. They have also participated in the commissioning and testing of the cryogenic piping system.

The product will now be used to conduct a wide range of investigations in the field of K-mesons physics.