The first contract for supply of the membrane plant has been concluded between JSC Cryogenmash and JSC Rovno Nitrogen of Rovno in the Ukraine.

The plant, МВ-5,5, is intended for enrichment of gas mixtures containing 64 % of hydrogen, up to a hydrogen concentration of 94 % and at a capacity of 5500 cubic meters per hour of end product.

At such composition the mixture becomes suitable for benzol hydrogenation, the company notes.

Oleg Talakin, a specialist at Russia’s Cryogenmash, believes that the developers should solve a number of new problems. Since the plant is to be arranged outdoors for safety reasons, it is necessary to provide reliable thermal insulation and protect the components in operation from condensed moisture.

It’s also important to prevent ammonia penetration into the system (ultimate content not more than 50 ppm) and ensure an emergency plant shut-off when ammonia content exceeds its regular level

Due to the absence of other sources of cold, an autonomous cooling system (AC) and heat exchanger working at a pressure of 14.0 МPа will be used.

Cryogenmash also noted in a press release that the МВ-5,5 is not the first such plant manufactured by company, and another of the firm’s hydrogen concentration membrane plants is already up and running with much successful operation at the Saratov refinery.