France based Cryolor, an independent profit centre of the Air Liquide group, was established in 1983, building on the group\\$quot;s experience in design and manufacture of vacuum insulated vessels for the storage and transport of cryogenic liquefied gases, dating back to the early 1960\\$quot;s.

Today Cryolor is a significant global player and plays a key role in evolving regulations favourable to the entire industrial gas industry.

Markets and product range
Cryolor concentrates on two main product lines; transportation equipment (cryogenic semi-trailers) and bulk storage vessels.

According to the company\\$quot;s sales and marketing director, Michael Blondin, the company is one of the world\\$quot;s leading manufacturers of cryogenic storage tanks and the world\\$quot;s largest manufacturer of cryogenic semi-trailers.

He continued: \\$quot;Cryolor\\$quot;s principle philosophy is based on long-term development founded on the design and manufacture of the highest quality equipment that offers the lowest total cost of ownership. This long-term approach applies to all of our products and services.\\$quot;

The company\\$quot;s focus over the last few years has been in continuous product innovation. This has enabled it to maintain its technical leadership in areas such as optimized transport equipment and high-end engineering solutions such as hydrogen tanks and containers.

\\$quot;At the same time, in response to the increasing demand for larger capacity storage tanks, Cryolor has been working significantly to increase production capacity and ensure continuous productivity improvement,\\$quot; Blondin added.

Customers and main business regions
Based at the crossroads of Europe, Cryolor exports more than 70 per cent of its production to 80 countries worldwide. Nearly one-third is destined for Asia, the Middle East and South America.

Approximately one-third of the equipment manufacturer\\$quot;s sales come from its parent company, Air Liquide, in Europe. The majority of Cryolor\\$quot;s sales comes from the other major global players, with approximately one-quarter represented by the independent industrial gas companies, not tied to the majors.

Consistent growth among competitors
Since 2003 Cryolor has shown consistent strong growth figures and increased its revenues by about 55 per cent.

In 2005 Cryolor reached €34mn in sales, compared with €27mn in 2004 and €22mn in 2003.

According to Cryolor, the company has two key competitors that are both American based, with multiple production sites worldwide. Cryolor\\$quot;s strong reputation for safe and reliable equipment are the principles that strengthens their position as a world leader.

Blondin explained: \\$quot;In effect, our equipment is built in the world\\$quot;s only purpose-built cryogenic tank manufacturing facility. This site is built around highly automated, specialised tooling that ensures consistent, high quality products.

\\$quot;Cryolor was the very first manufacturer to obtain ISO 9000 quality certification in 1991. Most significantly, these strengths have allowed Cryolor to build close, long standing relationships with our partners dedicated to the industrial gases industry,\\$quot; Blondin proudly said.

Future expectations
Cryolor\\$quot;s first priority will be to maintain its technical leadership. The company is also currently working on expansion of its product offering and geographic presence.

Bertrand Masselot, managing director of Cryolor says that the company will continue to improve the operational efficiency of its products whilst containing associated risks and preserving the environment through adapted industrial solutions. \\$quot;The outstanding success of the Claire semi-trailer and our extended refurbishment services are perfect illustrations of these guiding principals.\\$quot;

Cryolor evolves regulations favourable to the entire industrial gases industry///

1952 Air Liquide acquires the patent from Union Carbid for the process for storing gas in its liquid form using vacuum insulated cryogenic tanks.

1967-1975 Stationary storage unites are manufactured at DCVM near Paris. Transport equipment is manufactured at Vitry, near Paris, then later transferred to DTA (Advanced Techniques Division) near Grenoble, France.

1983 Cryolor is created by combining DCVM and DTA. Built from the ground up with the sole purpose of engineering and manufacturing state-of-the-art cryogenic storage and transport equipment.

1991-1993 Quality combined with safety

1991 Cryolor becomes the first cryogenic equipment manufacturer to be certified
ISO 9001

1993 Cryolor achieves 2,275 days without an accident.

1994-1996 Cryolor introduces the first Claire semi-trailer and Celine to the market. Cryolor services is launched to reinforce after sales servicing and refurbishement.

2001-2003 Cryolor successfully launches the Claire 3, Celine 3 and 'extra-large' tanks.

2005-2006 Cryolor celebrates the manufacture of the 250th Claire 3, becoming the world\\$quot;s largest manufacturer of cryogenic semi-trailers.

Cryolor in figures
- Founded in 1983
- Located in the heart of Europe, at Ennery FRANCE (50 km from Luxembourg, 50 km from Germany)
- A production workshop area of 20,000m²
- 150 employees
- ISO 9001 certificate since 1991.
- Means: 3D plasma cutting, plasma and pulsed TIG welding, highly-automated machinery, etc.