Cryolor has set itself two challenges due to the increasing market demand in cryogenic storage and transport equipment.

The company has made capital investments over the past three years to adapt its production facility in order to increase its performance and make it even more flexible.

Cryolor\\$quot;s trend is towards \\$quot;˜lean manufacturing\\$quot;, a flow and facilities management approach aimed at drastically reducing production lead times. It consists in making significant changes in the way in which production flows are managed by actively involving each employee to increase productivity, and consequently Cryolor\\$quot;s competitiveness.

According to sales and marketing manager Michael Blondin the aim is to increase production capacity by 30 per cent in terms of the number of units manufactured, at the same time as the average volume per unit also increasing by 30 per cent. He said: "We also aim to reduce lead times while continuing to guarantee the highest level of quality."

Cryogenic Claire to India
As well as setting new challenges, Cryolor has started the supply of the largest series of cryogenic semi-trailers ever delivered to India.

The constant improvement of the country\\$quot;s road infrastructure, the importance given to quality and road safety, and the optimisation of logistic costs have all been factors warranting the investment in Claire 3 semi-trailers. The dozen units ordered were designed and adapted to suit local road conditions.

Cryolor will also provide support in obtaining local approval, assistance with assembly work and training for on-site teams.