The company firstly specialised in the NFU high-pressure pumps for the oil-field industry, and on into the 1980's Cryomec converted its business to develop new types of pumps and seals dedicated to the air separation industry.

They say that with an industrial and business policy based on full safety and efficient quality for its numerous customers, the company is $quot;always ahead.$quot; In fact they proudly explain they are ahead of current trends saying, $quot;When our society is just starting to be concerned by alternative energies, it is always a pleasure to see that a company was making its first steps in the liquefied natural gas and liquefied hydrogen 26 years ago.$quot;

High quality cryogenic equipments
Based on these years of experience, Cryomec has built a diverse and innovative catalogue. High on the list of new innovations from the company include products such as a high pressure reciprocating pump, called the Delta N series. This offers purchasers high pumping performances (to 0-NPSH) and a low maintenance requirement. Cryomec explains the unit is highly successful and a best seller on the bottle-filling market.

The last fifteen years has seen the company and its products adapt to the needs of a changing industry. Heavy duty usage has proved an excellent testing ground and ranges worth noting include their process pumps, the LABYRINTH and lately the patented TGPSLL series, which they claim have been used around the world to continuously pump product in the most exigent process conditions. According to the company the TGPSLL reduces drastically the seal gas injection (by up to 99 percent) and avoids any pollution of the process liquid.

Their well-known VSMP handles LNG in an exclusive concept of safety. Not only used on a HYCO plant, the massive supply of this kind of pump to the marine industry shows a new direction for the future.

They also extol the virtues of their SIGMA series which can pump liquid hydrogen with a patented 0-NPSH technology for perfect pumping conditions. More recently their high-pressure pumping units for trailers are answering the growing need for high-pressure gas delivery in the European market.

Durable development
Cryomec was purchased in 1998 by the Nordon group and then entered into the Energy division of the Fives-Lille group as a subsidiary of Nordon Cryogénie (manufacturer of brazed aluminium plate-fin heat exchangers).

The company say they have benefited from both financial stability and a worldwide group strategy. This has ensured the 47-person company always keeps its long term policy based on a safe way of design. Not forgetting of course the other key to the company's success, which they say is always, $quot;to reach the most efficient quality.$quot;

Looking at their position in the marketplace the company supplies gas majors such as Air Liquide, the high technological companies like the Aerospatiale centres and small privately owned gas industries. They are happy to note, $quot;the high customer focus concern of Cryomec seems to be a part of its success.$quot;

They explain further that due to the requirements of the cryogenic pumping field, the high flexibility and adaptability of the company organisation is, $quot;perfectly fitted to its market.$quot; With a constant eye on growth, Cryomec has developed a worldwide service network covering Europe, Asia and US. This international approach ensures services are available for customers and partners wherever they are located.

On the roads to America...
Looking towards tomorrow's company, Cryomec is now moving to the American continent in order to establish their well-known reputation and share their experience. They believe there is a good market there for their insider knowledge of the Swiss way of design, maintenance and commissioning of turnkey cryogenic pumping units.