Cryomech Inc. has officially completed the construction and relocation of their new facility in Syracuse, NY.

Source: Cryomech

Cryomech is a worldwide manufacturer of custom-built cryocoolers, helium management units, liquid nitrogen plants and cryostats.

The US company’s new facility is a 76,000-square-foot building that offers enough space for all of the company’s manufacturing, machinery and the cryo team.

“After many years of rapid growth, this new facility offers the opportunity for Cryomech’s outside to match the energy inside,” said Tabitha Sebastino, Business Development Manager at Cryomech.

“The expansion will allow us to have stronger collaboration within our internal teams. It also gives us the opportunity to develop better information and knowledge sharing, which is at the foundation of what makes Cryomech great.”

Cryomech now has the space and infrastructure to plan for the future and strategically grow with its customers at the pace they demand.

“We are immensely proud of the global impact we have from right here in Syracuse and look forward to growing our team here for many years to come,” said Sebastino.