US-based cryorefrigeration specialist Cryomech has launched its new cryocooler, the PT310 Pulse Tube, capable of meeting high heat lift performance levels.

Revealed at the American Physical Society (APS) March 2022 Meeting, the ability for the device to deliver optimum heat lift performance at 3 Kelvin (K) helps to enable dry dilution refrigerators to achieve millikelvin level temperatures. 

Taking into account customer feedback, Cryomech’s PT310 allows for 1W (watt) of power at 3K and 35W at 35K, while the remote motor version – PT310-RM – offers slightly lower performance levels at 0.9W at 3K and 32W at 35K. 

Stating that the new device ‘embodies Cryomech’s innovative spirit’, Rich Dausman, President, Cryomech, added, “The PT310 was designed with the drydilution refrigerator manufacturers in mind and enables advances in their refrigerator technology.” 

Cryomech PT310 Pulse Tube

Cryomech PT310 Pulse Tube

When used with dry dilution refrigerators, pulse tube cryocoolers work by providing heat lift – essentially cooling - at temperatures in the range of 3K. 

Building on the success generated from its previous PT425 cryocooler – capable of providing 2.7W at 4.2k, Arifin Budihardjo, Business Development Manager, Cryomech, emphasised the importance of listening to customers. 

“After listening to our customers, we innovated our pulse tube cryocooler to focus on the more important temperature of 3K and therefore, uniquely enable our customers to increase performance of their dilution refrigerators,” he said. 

The PT310 – which has the same envelope as the PT425 – is run with the CPA1114 compressor and is available in either integrated or remote motor option.