Reflect Scientific, Inc. announced recently that Cryometrix, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reflect Scientific, has completed the sale and shipment of another Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezing system to a West Coast biopharmaceutical company and the deal displays the success of a rigorous testing program.

According to a Reflect Scientific representative, the sale and shipment of the ULT freezing system represents the success of a testing program conducted by the biopharmaceutical company on the ULT freezing system. ULT freezing systems are sophisticated and costly and the installation often requires customer assessment prior to purchase and implementation, hence during testing, the freezing system underwent a rigorous evaluation and resulted in the sale.

“This is another step in the commercialization of the model T-150 ULT freezer as a single unit, multi-technique system. The flexibility and capabilities of the T-150 is a major selling point in the system having the ability to handle short term storage, long term-low temperature permanent storage and large-capacity lyophilization. This particular delivery will enable our client to address several critical points in the cold chain management of their biopharmaceutical manufacturing process and hopefully will become their technology of choice as they expand their operations,” commented Dr Boyd Bowdish, director of Cryometrix.

“The fact that the T-150 freezer can also serve as a shipping system is a very important development as it now provides a reliable means for bulk cryogenic temperature controlled transportation of biopharmaceuticals and other cold storage products,” added Dr Bowdish.

Cryometrix develops, manufactures and markets refrigeration and cryogenic preservation equipment, with its ULT model T-150 the first liquid nitrogen based, programmable cooling and cryogenic freezing system in a standard upright format. The unit allows for exceptional reliability, precise thermal uniformity, and no user or product exposure to liquid nitrogen.