Dry ice technology innovator CRYONOMIC® has introduced a new dry ice repacker – the DIR-500.

The device has been built to meet the need to repack bulk produced dry ice into smaller doses of dry ice/nuggets.

A press release said, ““The DIR-500 replaces the heavy job of manually filling a large amount of boxes with dry ice. An integrated balance weights the actual weight during filling and shows it on the touch screen. Filling stops if the programmed weight is reached. While the machine is filling a box, the operator has the time to close and label the filled box.”

”The standard DIR-500 Dry Ice Repacker is built around a sturdy constructed base out of welded steel, finished in an attractive coloured coating and is equipped with a modular fencing with guarded doors to assure your safety during operation. With its hydraulic cradle it effortlessly lifts and tilts the Cryonomic dry ice containers and with its manually operated hydraulic driven auger it allows you to refill your dry ice in smaller doses in your packaging of choice.”

The standard DIR 500 Dry Ice Repacker can be upscaled with various options to accommodate specific needs from the basic manually operated system up to a touchscreen controlled automatic dosing system with conveyor box transport and integrated printer for weight printing.

Dir500  in action 9 detour