Dry ice technology innovator CRYONOMIC® has added a new dry ice machine to its CIP 5 Series, offering a more versatile and economical solution for producing high density dry ice onsite.

The new CIP 5XS pelletiser produces up to 35kg per hour of dry ice and has been described by the company as “the perfect solution for producing dry ice pellets in your factory.”

The CRYONOMIC hydraulic pelletiser features a silent motor. Once it’s fed liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) from a pressurised tank, the machine turns the liquid into CO2 snow which is then compressed to form solid pellets.

The machine can produce pellets in various sizes according to the needs of the application, such as 3mm sized pellets for cleaning purposes or 10-16mm sticks for cooling applications, with switching from pellets to sticks possible in just a few minutes.

The CIP 5XS is the latest in the Belgium-based company’s CIP 5 Series which includes other machines producing between 80-300kg per hour of dry ice. All pelletisers in the range include ergonomic touchscreen control panels, inputs for CO2 detectors and production parameter logging capabilities.