Located in Alphen aan den Rijn, approximately a 30 minute drive from Amsterdam airport, Cryonorm\\$quot;s facilities extend over an area of 8, 000 m2 of which 4, 350 is covered, and houses the design, storage, machine shop fabrication, welding, assembly and test areas. The premises near the waterway enables Cryonorm to ship modules up to 17x5x6 metres (LxWxH) and 100 tons in weight.

A Family Business
Mr Peter Tel, the owner and a director says that Cryonorm is a typical family business with short decision lines and highly motivated employees. This short line gives the company the flexibility required by the increasing demands of customers. Lead times have come down from 2 months to 2 weeks in only a couple of years for the standard ambient vaporizers.

During the last few years, Cryonorm has divided the organization in to a division for the standard products and another division handling the projects. These project products of services include high capacity back up vaporizers, which require multi division management and engineering as well as the production of standard vaporizers.

Cryonorm Projects BV
In the last few years, Cryonorm has received an increase in RFQ\\$quot;s for complete systems. As the company is a component supplier, it did not have sufficient in house process knowledge to give a good response to these new market demands. For this reason, a second company called Cryonorm Projects BV was formed in 2003 in which the shares are 50/50 per cent between Mr Peter Tel and Mr Hans Stuker. Hans Stuker has been a project manager for 10 years with Praxair, with this experience and contacts to a group of independent consultants, the process knowledge has been secured.

Cryonorm Projects is now supplying complete systems, which can be back-up systems including tanks, vaporizers, pumps, piping, on site installation and start-up and LNG satellite plants. Based on the skid-building experience already in house, the company designs as much as possible in modules. The main reason for this is that on-site installation is reduced to a maximum, as only pre-fabricated interconnecting piping is required to complete the system. Cryonorm\\$quot;s main customers are the industrial gases companies, but end-users like steel mills are also important customers. Latest orders come from Turkey and Iran, quickly developing countries looking for expertise and flexible, reliable business partners able to supply complete systems.

N2 on site cold box
under construction///

Peter Tel states that, based on last years increase in RFQ\\$quot;s from end-users, he expects that more and larger, end-users of industrial gases will own their own installations. This is a challenge which could have an impact on the whole industrial gases business.

Price Pressures
Although last year shows that there is a lot of activity, prices are still under pressure. With increasing material cost profit margins are very thin. This is another challenge for which Cryonorm started a production shop in Hungary last year. In this factory, the company produces all the smaller ambient vaporizers up to 500 Nm3/hr. All logistics and the layout of our factory in the Netherlands is focused on the bigger units up to 4, 000 Nm3/hr.

\\$quot;This focus keeps our competitive edge and we are confident that there will be a place in the market for the coming 40 years\\$quot; commented Mr Tel.

Cryonorm has been providing bespoke equipment and services to the European industrial gases industry since its inception in 1962. Cryonorm\\$quot;s main product lines are the vaporizers - ambient air, steam, water, electrically or gas fired heated types. The Company has a full range of vaporizers covering all processes and gases. A second product line is the design and manufacture of customised equipment which includes, skid mounted equipment such as on-site production plants, pump- filter or gas treatment modules.

Cryonorm\\$quot;s main business is within Europe, however, the company has recently undertaken projects for India and the Middle East.