Cryonorm is a well-established company at the forefront of the development and application of cryogenic vaporisers but it has added a new string to its bow as Peter Tel and Hans Stuker embark on a new consultancy venture – Cryonorm Projects.

Hans was a Project Manager for Praxair for 8 years, working with Cryonorm on a frequent basis. Hans and other members of Cryonorm often talked of the value that a small service provider could offer the industry. Last year their pipe dreams were given more substance and by the end of December Cryonorm Projects was formed.

Cryonorm Projects provide an independent consultancy service to the industrial gases business. With a wealth of expertise behind them, they offer a very broad ranging service from project design and detailed engineering to installation of complete cryogenic systems. Director Hans Stuker commented,

Ariel shot of the Cryonorm Buildings///Photo courtesy of Cryonorm

“We aim to provide a complete solution to our customers. We have a pool of specialists at our disposal meaning we can provide support and advice in all areas of a project. This is our aim – to bring it all together. There are specialists available in all aspects of an industrial gas project but Cryonorm acts to combine these skills to give you a seamless and efficient integrated solution.”

Hans reports that Cryonorm Projects are receiving a very positive reaction from the industry, particularly from the Middle East and believes that there is scope for the business to grow substantially, having recently recruited another key member only 7 months after start-up.

While Cryonorm Projects have established links with many of the key players within the industry, one of their main strengths lies in their ability to support some of the privately owned and operated plants whose system projects are simply not worthwhile for the larger companies to pursue. Cryonorm Projects has no intention of trying to compete with the larger players; they have found their own niche,

\\$quot;We receive the best reaction from those smaller privately owned or operated companies that are experiencing problems in their attempts to upgrade, expand or update their machinery and this is where we can really make the difference.\\$quot; Hans told us.

A Cryonorm plant///Photo courtesy of Cryonorm

Seven key members of Cryonorm are currently focusing their energies on just such a project, designing and constructing a gas supply system for a steel mill in Turkey following an earlier system safety assessment.

Cryonorm Project’s scope covers project design and engineering, feasibility studies and plant selection assistance, project management, system safety assessments, operator training and construction, commissioning and start-up of air separation plants and other cryogenic systems.

Excellent customer service has always been at the centre of Cryonorm culture and Cryonorm Projects is no different. “Every project we undertake is as important as the next, irrespective of size – every customer receives the same level of service” Hans Stuker.

For more information on Cryonorm Projects visit their website at, email or speak directly with Peter or Hans by calling +31 172 41 80 80.