Operations have commenced at a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility owned by BC-based Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corporation.

Becoming the most Northern LNG production plant in Canada, the new Fort Nelson facility will supply LNG to Northern Canadian communities, as well as remote mines and other industrial heat and power applications.

With phase 1 production capacity at 27,000 LNG gallons per day, under the current permit the plant can scale to around 100,000 LNG gallons per day.

Also aiming to minimise its environmental footprint, Cryopeak are utilising their pioneering B-train transport trailers, capable of hauling 20,000 gallons of LNG and allowing for fewer haulage trips.

Calum McClure, CEO of Cryopeak, said, “We are excited to open this new production facility in Fort Nelson. We appreciate the support in realising this project from the Fort Nelson First Nations and the community of Fort Nelson.”

“We look forward to delivering natural gas to our remote customers, lowering energy costs, and reducing carbon emissions.”

In order to promote integration within the Fort Nelson community, the company has focused on building strong relationships with the First Nations Organisation, the Mayor, and local government officials.

Of the venture, Mayor Foster of Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, stated, “The Northern Rockies is pleased to welcome K2LNG as they open their brand new Tamaska LNG plant near Fort Nelson.”

“Tamaska is a perfect fit for the north, establishing Fort Nelson as a transportation hub and reducing the carbon footprint of remote communities.”

Cryopeak intend to deliver its services to Canadian and Alaskan customers at a lower cost along with a more environmentally sustainable strategy.