British Columbia-based Cryopeak LNG Solutions has completed the largest ever North American delivery of LNG by truck.

The shipment of LNG to the Silvertip Mine, owned by Coeur Silvertip Holdings, totalled approximately 18,000 galloons and was carried in Cryopeak’s ‘Super B-Train’.

Cryopeak’s Super B-Train is designed to have up to 70% greater load capacity than standard trailers operating in Canada today, improving LNG’s competitiveness as a fuel source for remote mining location and communities.


Source: Cryopeak

“We are pleased to support the development of the new Super B-Train LNG trailer which will increase LNG payload and decrease transportation costs of LNG to the Silvertip Mine,” said Rick Loughery, Purchasing Manager for Coeur Silvertip.

“Lowering LNG costs through maximising transportation payload is an important initiative for Cryopeak and our customers. We are excited that this technology is now proven and going forward we will seek to extend the operation of this new trailer across Canada,” said Calum McClure, CEO of Cryopeak.

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