Cryopeak LNG Solutions, a British Columbia-based LNG distributor, has developed the “first ever” Super B-train LNG hauling trailer to optimise small-scale LNG transportation in Canada.

The new Super B-train trailer is designed with a 70% greater capacity than standard trailers operating in Canada today and is designed in full compliance with Transport Canada regulations for the transportation of LNG.

“Our customers are seeking lower costs associated with the transportation of LNG in Canada and we are pleased to have four new Super B-train trailers entering service in the Cryopeak fleet at the beginning of 2020.”

“This new transportation solution will improve the competitiveness of LNG as transportation costs represent often the largest cost of LNG supplied to our customers.”


Source: Cryopeak

Development of the trailer is in line with Cryopeak’s business objective of providing solutions to companies and municipalities that are seeking to transition to an environmentally sustainable and competitive fuel source.

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