Cryoport, Inc. is expanding its geographical reach for its reproductive medicine (IVF) shipping and logistics solutions to include Cambodia and the Czech Republic.

According to industry sources, the global IVF market is estimated to be worth around $21.6bn in 2020 and Cryoport has recognised these two countries as rapidly growing within the medical tourism business.

Mark Sawicki PhD, the Chief Commercial Officer of Cryoport, stated, “We quickly identified Cambodia and the Czech Republic as two dynamic countries with established and growing reproductive medicine markets that will benefit from our advanced cryogenic logistics solutions.”

The Cryoport Solution replaces dry ice, virtually eliminating the risk of cell degradation during frozen transportation and uses custom-built liquid nitrogen (LIN) dry vapor shippers to maintain stable temperatures. The US-based business provides a complete global frozen shipping service for biological materials and claims to have the most advanced logistics management platform in the industry.

Jerrell Shelton, CEO of the cryogenic logistics company, confirmed, “By providing our range of cryogenic logistics solutions to these two countries, we are simultaneously helping the IVF industry and executing our growth strategy to support and advance our position as the global leader in end-to-end cold chain logistics for life sciences in this important area of reproductive medicine.”


With depots in Europe, Asia and North America, Cryoport is able to support cryogenic logistic solutions in more than 90 countries. It’s cold chain logistics solutions monitor temperatures and record the location of packages throughout the entire logistics process.