Cryogenic logistics company Cryoport, Inc. has signed a deal with ProMab Biotechnologies to transport its immune-therapeutic alternatives for cancer treatment throughout China.

Cryoport’s depot in Singapore will primarily support the transport of ProMab’s samples in this case, as ProMab builds-outs its new chimeric-antigen receptors T-cells (CAR-T) engineering segment of its business at its manufacturing site in China.

The Cryoport Solution, comprised of the CryoportalTM logistics management platform and SmartPak IITM condition monitoring system, facilitates the storage and monitoring of static samples and manages a fleet of dewars to transport temperature-sensitive materials.

ProMab will employ Cryoport’s cryogenic logistics solutions to move its biologic materials throughout the North Pacific rim country, but has also expressed interest in leveraging Cryoport’s solutions for market expansion in Europe, Canada and Israel.

John Wu, CEO at ProMab Biotechnologies, Inc., explained, “Cryoport is well-versed in international best practices for transporting cryogenically preserved material, including experience in managing Chinese regulations. This combination of specialised cryogenic capabilities and knowledge will help accelerate the cold chain logistics essential to our programmes.”

Cryogenic liquid nitrogen in laboratory