Cryoport Inc., the cryogenic logistics company dedicated to the life sciences industry, has launched its ‘Cryoport. Certified. Cool.’ solution designed to provide cold-chain logistics in the 2-8°C temperature range for regenerative therapy requirements.

The solution, which will be branded as C3™, is designed for synergistic integration into its intuitive informatics platform, the Cryoportal™ Logistics Management Platform. The shipper provides enhanced, real-time visibility, security and risk mitigation from temperature excursions for the client’s critical biological commodities. The introduction of C3 means that Cryoport can support the entire logistics continuum for regenerative medicine clinical and commercial programmes.

Cryoport selected the validated and reusable Credo Cube™ from Pelican BioThermal for its proven temperature protection, engineered the Smartpak II™ Condition Monitoring System, which provides real-time visibility into the location and key aspects of critical shipments and, then, integrated the system into its Cryoportal Logistics Management Platform for cold chain transparency, monitoring and responsiveness. 

Dr. Mark Sawicki, Chief Commercial Officer of Cryoport, commented, “The C3 solution was developed in response to recurring requests from our clients who wanted to be able to leverage our trusted Smartpak II Condition Monitoring System and our Cryoportal Logistics Management Platform to manage their shipments, not only for the cryogenic temperature range, but also in the 2-8°C temperature band. Our new C3 shipper integrates new packaging technology and leverages our cold chain logistics expertise along with our 24/7/365 logistics and client support making Cryoport’s C3 ™ solution the most reliable, groundbreaking 2 - 8°C logistics solution in the life sciences industry.”

He continued, “C3 is a demonstration of Cryoport’s ability to scientifically-design and implement logistics solutions for the life sciences that provide steadfast protection of our clients’ valuable biologic materials, including for regenerative therapies, which is our most rapidly growing market.”

gas monitoring equipment should be present in any lab or enclosed area where cryogenic liquids are stored or used