Moffitt Cancer Center has tapped Cryoport, Inc., a cryogenic logistics company, to be its exclusive cryogenics logistics provider, delivering support for its immunology programme, cancer research, therapy programmes and laboratory moves.

The Florida-based business selected Cryoport to provide cold chain logistics solutions based on its experience of transporting temperature-sensitive commodities in the life sciences and biopharmaceutical markets.

Moffitt will utilise Cryoport’s CryportalTM logistics management platform, proprietary Cryoport Express® Shippers and advanced Smart Pak IITM Condition Monitoring Systems to ship biologics, regenerative medicines and tissues, to and from other cancer centres and research facilities worldwide. 

Moffitt Cancer Center Director Tom Sellers, Ph.D, underlined, “Cryoport understands the critical nature of our shipments, has the advanced capabilities to monitor shipments and track conditions and location of our biological commodities in transit around the clock.”

Cryoport’s CEO Jerrell Shelton signified, “We take our responsibilities seriously and are always pleased when we can provide reliable logistics support for patient access to therapeutic treatments.”

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