Leading industrial gas and equipment manufacturer Cryoquip, Inc. has announced the addition of a new strategically-located manufacturing facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A 3500m2 facility located near the port of Santos, Cryoquip - South America complements the company's existing facilities in Malaysia, Australia, Europe, China, India and the US.

To better serve its major industrial gas customers effectively and provide true global coverage for their equipment requirements, Cryoquip has established a number of strategically-located manufacturing facilities around the world.

The São Paulo operation is the latest addition to this network, strategically located near the port of Santos to serve the extensive South American gas market.

Cryoquip has supplied a number of large vaporizer systems to South American customers from its US facility, but with Cryoquip – South America, can now penetrate the local customer station and distribution markets.

The ever-increasing demands of the South American gas business, for a wider product range, shorter delivery times, commonality of product, and flexibility in supply, have encouraged the company to set-up the new local operation.

Complete product range
The complete Cryoquip product range of high and low pressure ambient vaporizers, Uniflo vaporizers, electric CO2 vaporizers, and a wide range of water bath vaporizers for high flow rate applications and plant back-up systems, will be supplied from Cryoquip – South America.

The facility will start manufacturing the same high quality, high performance range of aluminum low pressure ambient vaporizers, ranging from 75–2500Nm3/hour.

Small capacity high pressure ambient vaporizers and electric vaporizers will also be manufactured, with the company's South American customers set to receive the added benefits of lower prices, quicker deliveries, and local support with installation and technical issues.

Cryoquip’s current technical sales office in São Paulo will also be incorporated into the new facility.