Cryoquip has been manufacturing high quality industrial gas related equipment since 1961 and has become a leading global manufacturer of cryogenic heat exchangers and vaporization systems.

Cryoquip\\$quot;s product range span the entire spectrum of cryogenic equipment from liquified gases to heat exchangers and vaporizers that process gases in a multitude of applications.

In terms of vaporizers, the company manufactures cryogenic ambient, natural and forced draft, electric, direct and advanced fuel fired, steam sparged or hot water bath vaporizer systems and other related gas processing equipment.

Cryoquip\\$quot;s vaporizers are in service worldwide vaporizing cryogenic fluids such as the main industrial gases; oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and helium. Other hydrocarbon cryogenic gases include, ethylene, ethane, methane, LNG, the company also has equipment to vaporize non-cryogenic but liquefied gases such as LPG, chlorine, bromine, nitrous oxide and other exotic gases.

Australia & India///

Design and manufacturing
The company focuses its entire engineering resources on the design and manufacture of cryogenic vaporizers and complex heat exchanger designs. Cryoquip\\$quot;s engineers use in part custom computer programmes and HTRI (heat transfer research inc) software to solve the most complex thermodynamic process problems. These solutions are engineered and manufactured by the global facilities, in accordance with local pressure vessel and design codes.

"That focus and commitment to customer service and satisfaction enable our people to be the best and provide world class vaporization technology globally from local sources. Cryoquip is the largest manufacturer of this equipment in the world and its capabilities, coverage and resources have made us the leader in the industry." Cryoquip commented.

R&D is an essential part of Cryoquip\\$quot;s business as the company constantly looks at ways of improving designs to give customers the most cost effective, reliable and state-of-the-art products.

Last year emphasis was placed on improving the design and capacity of their Advanced Diesel Fired Vaporizer system (ADFV) which is used in the rapidly
expanding oil and gas well servicing business. After many engineering hours and testing Cryoquip introduced a new series ADFV model with a burner control system for rapid ignition, fuel efficiency, low emissions mand auto burner firing control.

China & Malaysia///

Cryoquip\\$quot;s vision is to utilize the company\\$quot;s experience and innovation to maintain its position as the world\\$quot;s leading supplier of cryogenic heat exchange
equipment and ensure the ability to meet the needs of the expanding industrial gas, petrochemical and oil and gas industries from strategic locations around the

Cryoquip locations span the globe

Australia, China, Europe, India, Malaysia and USA.

A member of Cryogenic Industries

Cryoquip is a member of Cryogenic Industries, whose international network of companies provides service capability throughout the world from locally based experienced cryogenic service teams.

EU & USA///

The company began establishing a global manufacturing network of facilities in 1996 and has locations in Malaysia, Australia, Europe (UK), China, USA and India to provide the industry with various cryogenic systems from local sources which ensures fast delivery and the company also provides local technical support as well.

Cryoquip has a global manufacturing work force of between 120 and 150 people which varies according to market demand. In addition it has 30 highly qualified engineers dedicated to application engineering and design for cryogenic equipment.

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