In anticipation of expected growth in the rapidly emerging countries of the Association of South East Asia Nations (the ASEAN countries), Australian company Cryoquip has announced a planned strategy to increase its sales and marketing focus in the region.

Countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines are all coming to the fore in the industrial gas market, with gas equipment manufacturer Cryoquip keen to both sustain its existing business and build on new opportunities.

To begin its implementation, Cryoquip announced the appointment of Joel Maclou (Cryoquip-Australia) as Sales Manager for the Asean Region, responsible for all Cryoquip product sales in the Asean region, the Middle East and the countries of Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Maclou will take up his new responsibilities on 1st August and will relocate and eventually be based in Cryoquip’s new facility offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in order to be centrally located in the region.

It is anticipated that Maclou will increase Cryoquip’s visibility and market share as well as sustain existing business in the industrial gas sector. To that end he will build a team of specialised multi-product sales engineers, based mainly in the Malaysian office, to not only meet the anticipated growth in the region and secure more market share in traditional products.

The company, and Maclou, will also introduce new products and engineered solutions for various new projects throughout Asia, while providing locally-based technical support to Cryoquip’s existing customers.