CryoSend Ltd has formed a strategic partnership with CRYOPDP, an Air Liquide company, to offer a more comprehensive temperature-sensitive logistics solutions to customers in Japan and the rest of Asia.

In partnership with CRYOPDP’s global operations, CryoSend will be able to offer a complete range of temperature-controlled logistics, including cryogenic shipping, cryogenic storage services, hand carry (onboard courier) services, laboratory move services and dry shipper rental service. CryoSend will be able to take advantage of CRYOPDP’s global operations centres in Singapore, New York, London and Paris.

Yukie Loewen, the Director of CryoSend, stated that, “We will be able to offer a full service, end-to-end, integrated cryogenic and cold-chain logistics service solution to the cell and gene therapy industry in Japan and across the world.” 

According to Loewen, one of the unique services that separates CRYOPDP from other cold-chain service providers is that the company is able to offer one-way shipping for cryogenic samples transported with dry shippers – as the new partnership with CRYOPDP will enable CryoSend to use the vast resources of CRYOPDP, including their strategic hubs in Asia, the US and Europe. With the need for return shipping of dry shippers eliminated, it will have substantial cost savings for customers, she explained.

Karine Gradziel, the CRYOPDP International Development Manager, said that, “Together with CryoSend’s expertise and experience and CRYOPDP’s resources, the two companies will be able to assist customers and offer a complete end-to-end solution for cryogenic and other temperature-controlled shipping needs. This includes paperwork, documentation and regulatory compliance matters. In addition, the service will offer full traceability and comprehensive data for each shipment to help ensure integrity and trust and enable CRYOPDP to help drug and pharma companies deliver their products to market.” 

According to Gradziel, CRYOPDP and CryoSend will work together to offer global logistics solutions for biopharma companies, research labs, universities, CROs, hospitals and clinics.

CryoSend, together with CRYOPDP, believe that now is an opportune time to advance cryogenic and cold-chain shipping solutions to assist the life sciences community with current and up-and-coming regenerative medicine therapies – which require detailed temperature monitoring and chain-of-custody verification. Both companies have a strong commitment to support the advancement of cell and gene therapies in Japan and abroad.