Cryogenic equipment manufacturer Cryostar has commissioned its first LCNG refuelling station for public use in Brazil. The installation is the first natural gas refuelling station based on a LNG supply source in this region.

The new station has two storage tanks, two Cryostar PD 3000 pumps, and two vaporizers, and is able to dispense fuel via four refuelling hoses. The entire station is automatically managed by a global PLC management system. Such is the success of this LCNG station that a boom in vehicles converting to CNG followed hard on the heels of commissioning.

The station is the first of four, and follows a period of collaboration between Cryostar and Sondotecnica on behalf of customer White Martins. A market leader in the use of alternative fuels, Brazil is also a major player in the natural gas vehicle market. Indeed, vehicles utilizing three fuels - gasoline, ethanol, and compressed natural gas - are already on the roads.