Cryostar has developed a new high pressure CSV 15 valve.

According to the company the valve meets the highest quality and performance standards on the industrial and natural gas market.

The company said: "The valve has been successfully tested at Air Liquide CTE test for adiabatic compression with oxygen up to 400 bar (5800 psi) at 60°C. The CSV 15 (DN 15 nominal diameter) is available either in normally closed or normally opened configuration; with manual or automatic configuration by simply interchanging the actuator.

"This CSV valve offers the advantages of a modular design which allows different positioning of the valves enabling its easy integration into customer process. Its compact design meets customer requirements in terms of space savings. These valves can be connected via special brass interconnections, which means no welding is needed to connect them. Special connections for line piping are also available in ½\\$quot;, thus allowing easy dismounting of the valve from the line. Two pressure ¼\\$quot; BSPP (F) connections are available on each valve."